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Quality Wood Flooring Inspections

Aabach Inspections Group is the leading name in wood flooring inspections in Georgia. We’re a seasoned and knowledgeable team of experts with years spent assessing a wide range of flooring. We’ll analyze your floor from top to bottom using in-depth methods like testing your moisture, temperature, humidity, and samples from your floorboards. Customers trust us to get down to the bottom of their issue so they can resolve it promptly. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible.

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We Specialize in Three Types of Inspection

Every flooring plan, structure, and circumstance is different. That’s why we offer three distinct ways of assessing floors based on our client’s specific needs.

  • Full Inspection: We perform a holistic review of your flooring that considers its structure, the products used for its maintenance, installation, and more. Our team will also perform movement, measuring and moisture tests that will determine the PROBLEM, CAUSE and CURE of flooring issues.
  • Specific Issues: If the issue with your floor seems obvious, we’ll attend to it based on a particular set of criteria that will save you time, money and potential legal fees.
  • Expert Witness: In case your flooring becomes a legal issue, we will investigate your flooring issues and develop a comprehensive technical report with a conclusion and suggested remedial action you and your attorney can review for your case.

The 10 Most Common Wood Flooring Issues

Has your floor become uncharacteristically creaky or uneven? Do you feel it wobble every time you take a step? If so, you’re due for a proper and thorough evaluation of your boards. Problems with your floor can arise for various reasons, so it’s crucial to have it reviewed by a professional as soon as possible. Typical issues many homeowners face include:

  • Abnormal Gapping: If the gaps in your floors are considerably larger than average, your floorboards may be expanding and loosening due to moisture, poor manufacturing, or handling.
  • Floor Structure Problems: The way your floor is built, along with its internal structure, might influence its quality and stability.
  • Defective Wood: Sometimes, the quality of floorboards is simply poor. If so, your floor may damage and malfunction much easier and cause damage to feet.
  • Finish Problems: Imperfections in your boards may stem from improper application or maintenance of finishing products.
  • Flatness: If your floorboards aren’t as flat as they should be, there may be some internal damage that you should attend to swiftly.
  • Buckling, Crowning, and Cupping: When your floorboards raise higher in the center or higher at the edges there is a serious moisture problem lurking below.
  • Infestation: Termites, ants and other insects can weaken and significantly destroy your floorboards if you don’t stop them in time.
  • Lipping: If some boards lift others off the ground, your floor’s life expectancy can be heavily impacted and can result in foot injury.
  • Nailing Issues: Nailing your floor boards is critical that causes the floors to creak, pop, and move.
  • Sanding Issues: Bad sanding and finish destroys the beauty of a hardwood floor and will deteriorate your wood over time.

Earned NWFA Education Achievement Badges

A Unique Solution That Meets Your Needs

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for being honest, ethical, and straight forward with our clients. We achieve this by providing detailed and accurate technical reports after exercising profound scrutiny in our investigation of your wood floors. Our technical reports comply with the National Wood Flooring Association, and they offer a thorough presentation of our findings. We report facts and evidence to support a reasonable conclusion in a clear, concise manner that is easy to understand. We maintain our integrity and remain unbiased during the entire assignment. We are the professional team with the tools, instruments, skills, and knowledge tailored to meet your needs.

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