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Professional Litigation Support

Pope Inspections offers the most trusted litigation support in Georgia. We provide honest assessments that are credible in the court of law. Our team will act as active advocates for you and your case, assessing your home or floors in exhaustive detail and ensuring you have proper support. From building codes to compliance, we understand the vast violations buildings and contractors commit regularly. We use that understanding in the courtroom to provide the best possible outcomes. We’re here to support you in your journey towards justice.

Damage White Floor

Expert Legal Witnesses Here to Serve You

If you need to go to court, you only want the consummate professionals on your side. We have years of experience providing witness deposition and testimony for our clients. Our proven track record for success has maintained our sterling reputation as legal experts. We’ve supported countless homeowners and reached favorable settlements in 93% of cases. We possess the required training, certifications, and background knowledge to give you the best results possible. We’ll work directly with your lawyer to provide the best solutions. If you’re having legal troubles involving the following, we have your back:

  • Issues with your wood flooring.
  • Misrepresentation or fraud cases.
  • Examination of your facility.
  • Dispute resolution involving contractors.
  • Violation of compliance and code.

We Hold Up to the Highest Levels of Scrutiny

We’ve seen too many decent people fall prey to dishonest and manipulative practices throughout our many years working in the industry. That’s why we’re passionate about serving justice for our clients. We encourage you to compare our credentials and success rate to other inspectors and find out for yourself why we’re the team best suited for your legal needs. Our comprehensive assessments, reports, and general expertise are invaluable assets for winning your case and putting the issue behind you. If you seek closure and fairness for your legal dispute, we’re the most equipped team to support you. We’ll walk with you through every part of the process, ensuring your success.

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