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Comprehensive Home Inspections

Pope Inspections is a trusted source for home inspections in Georgia. We’re the team best equipped for performing rigorous assessments for your household. Our detailed reports have held up to the highest levels of scrutiny from lawyers and the legal system at large. Further, we hold ourselves accountable during the entire analysis, ensuring that you achieve the fairest results possible. We have the capabilities and a wide range of services available for getting the job done right. For an excellent examination, we’re the best choice for you.

employee performing home inspection

A Trusted and Proven Solution

We believe that healthy scrutiny is beneficial and, in most cases, necessary for a job well done. That’s why our clients have trusted us for years to meet their needs. Our team can evaluate all aspects of your home, from minor details to central systems, and make honest determinations based on the facts. Whether you want to improve your home’s resale value or need grounds and support for a legal matter, we’re here to put your mind at ease and provide you with the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves on our top-quality service.

The Five Types of Inspection

Whatever your review needs are, we have you covered. We assess many kinds of homes, including finished houses, condominiums, apartments, and beyond. Our team has much experience looking through households both brand new and many years old. From the start of the first construction phase to the moment you put your home back on the market, we’re here to meet your needs. We offer the following types of analysis:

New Home

Before a residence is ever occupied, we come in to assess its condition, quality, and systems. This process includes observing and searching for building code violations, construction flaws, and other construction defects.


This evaluation is for residences that are either recently or currently occupied. We inspect interior and exterior of the home, its major mechanical systems, and internal infrastructure.


This analysis is meant for residences that are ready to go on the market. We observe the general condition of the home and provide a detailed report of our findings afterward.

Residential Construction

We'll assess a residence as its being built. Significant assessment points include building compliance, code violations, structural integrity, and mechanical systems in the course of your review.

Residential Warranty

This type requires the resident to complete a list of damages and other concerns before their warranty expires, ensuring that the resident has sufficient back-up if they need to take the builder to court.

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