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Not every wood floor is installed successfully, therefore our help may be needed to evaluate, analyze and test to determine what went wrong.

We are experts trained in discovery and disclosure techniques to find failures, manufacturing defects, damage, and abuse in wood flooring. When flooring or flooring products are installed that do not meet your specifications you need our help. As qualified experts, we not only identify problems but identify responsible parties who contributed to your wood flooring issues.

Wood Flooring Moisture Meters

Our Delmhorst 26-ES electrode with insulated pins allows us to check moisture below a floor covering before and after installation. And with our expanded arsenal of moisture meters, which includes Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS, TotalCheck, and MoistureCheck, the Mini Ligno (2012 version), plus a state-of-the-arts Tramex Wet Wall Detector makes it even easier for us to give you superior value and a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

However, we use only the moisture meters necessary to complete our assignments.